Post Malone Was Visibly Shocked After Hearing Insults From Hecklers

Post Malone’s “Twelve Carat” tour hasn’t been a smooth ride. Over the course of the past few months, the “Cooped Up” rapper fell through a hole on stage at a venue in St. Louis. Shortly after, he was hospitalized after having a hard time breathing. He also twisted his ankle during an Atlanta show.

To quite literally add insult to injury, Post Malone had to deal with hecklers as he was meeting fans in a video shared online today.

In a video, Post is seen meeting with a large group of fans. While they are elated to see him, and vice-versa, a couple of kids couldn’t help but hurl insults his way.

“Post Malone,” says one kid in the clip. “You a b*tch.”

Post is then seen, visibly shocked and dismayed by the kid’s words.

“You suck,” the person recording the video continues.

Post then says, “that’s rude.”

Relentlessly, the kid continues, saying, “You a b*tch, you a b*tch, Post Malone sucks.”

Since the video has been shared, fans have shared their support for Malone.

“Bruh he genuinely seems like one of the nicest ppl ever u need to leave this man alone,” said one Twitter user.

“he’s literally one of the sweetest and unproblematic rappers and yet people still do sh*ts like this to him look at his face wtf get behind me posty,” said another.

You can see the video above.