Steve Lacy Grooves On The ‘SNL’ Stage For A Performance Of ‘Bad Habit’

On his Saturday Night Live debut, Steve Lacy brought his breakthrough hit, “Bad Habit” to the stage. Since its release, the song has become a viral hit on TikTok, and has been used in over 500,000 clips. The Gemini Rights standout track has also reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

During his performance of “Bad Habit,” Lacy wore large black sunglasses, and he and his backing band wore white shirts with black S’s on them, paying homage to Dead Kennedys. He showed off his guitar chops for much of the performance, and then, during the bridge, he danced smoothly to the beat of the song. In the background is an arrangement of arrows, designed to resemble devil horns and represent the duality of the astrological sign, Gemini.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Lacy revealed that he didn’t expect for “Bad Habit” to blow up the way that it did.

“I just knew it was fun,” Lacy said. “I knew I liked it…I don’t even have that brain. I’m just making stuff constantly, and I’m always chasing that feeling of loving an idea. And I’m really harsh. I had, like, 250 ideas for the album, but I always knew I wanted 10 [songs].”

Check out the performance of “Bad Habit” above.