Quavo Seeks An Invite To Drake’s Basketball League: ‘They Don’t Want Us At OVO Arena’

Drake’s fondness for the game of basketball is evident in his many, many courtside appearances at NBA games. It’s also clear in the videos he posts from his in-home basketball court where he hosts pickup games with his friends and trains his son to play like LeBron James. However, it looks like one of his friends is feeling left out. Quavo, who is a hoops junkie in his own right, working with grassroots leagues in California and balling out in NBA2k22, lobbied for inclusion in the fun at The Sanctuary (the nickname of Drake’s home court) in a post on Instagram.

“@champagnepapi They don’t want Us At The OVO Arena So We Take 7 Footers Instead,” he captioned a video on his Instagram Story. In the video, Quavo faces off with a taller opponent at the Georgia Tech gym, showing off some nasty handles and quick footwork to shake his defender for a stepback 20-footer. It’s an impressive combo and the sort of thing that could have Quavo moving up LeBron James’ rappers-who-hoop rankings, where Lil Durk currently reigns supreme.

Personally, I’d love to see a rapper-centric league where the likes of Quavo, Drake, 2 Chainz, Durk, and official professional player J. Cole can square off to show their other talents. For now, we’ll have to settle for social media videos or maybe Jack Harlow’s White Men Can’t Jump remake and Kawhi Leonard commercials.