R. Kelly Must Get Sexual Disorder Treatment While In Prison

R. Kelly has been found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering in a federal trial and sentenced to 30 years in prison, but the judge in the case apparently wants to take more proactive steps to keep Kelly from backsliding upon his release. In addition to the long prison sentence, Judge Ann M. Donnelly has ordered R. Kelly to receive treatment for “an unspecified sexual disorder,” according to TMZ.

Additionally, after his release, Kelly must avoid all contact with minors unless the minor’s family member is present or in a therapeutic setting with a responsible adult chaperone. Finally, Kelly faces five years of supervised release at the end of his prison sentence. Prosecutors originally recommended more than 25 years of prison for the disgraced singer due to the threat they feel he presents, so Judge Donnelly has certainly gone above and beyond.

US attorneys likely believed that such a sentence is warranted because of both the evidence that came to light during the trial and the decades of alleged misconduct in which Kelly engaged according to witnesses. While his 1994 wedding to a then-17-year-old Aaliyah was widely-known, in the years since, Kelly was accused of child pornography and keeping women and girls in a “sex cult,” manipulating or outright abusing them to keep them compliant.

Kelly faces another trial on child porn charges in Chicago next month. He plans to appeal his conviction.