Wiz Khalifa Is Working On A Mushroom And Psilocybin Wellness Brand, Mistercap

Wiz Khalifa is a businessman — he has his own weed brand, Khalifa Kush, as well as HotBox, a collaboration with the virtual restaurant brand NextBite.

Now, Khalifa is launching with a naturally occurring psilocybin and mushroom wellness brand called Mistercap in collaboration with the Canadian company Red Light Holland. In the Netherlands, they’re working on magic truffles and hope to launch home-grown, non-psychedelic mushroom kits in the U.S., Europe and Canada by the end of the year.

“We’ve been working with Wiz Khalifa and his team to collaborate and create a brand that encompasses our joint belief for the affordable and equitable access to naturally occurring psilocybin responsibly,” Red Light Holland’s CEO and director Todd Shapiro said in a statement. “Wiz Khalifa is a global icon with tremendous reach who is uniquely positioned to help us spread the message and end the stigma surrounding psilocybin while focusing on mental health and wellness.”

He added: “When we launch the MISTERCAP products, including the MISTERCAP website, social media channels and merch – we plan on launching BIG TIME – so stay tuned, because Wiz Khalifa x Red Light Holland together are not afraid of shaking things up and making some much needed helpful noise. Together we are demonstrating that mushrooms are important, the future and can be very sexy!”