Rafael Anton Irisarri shifts focus on new track 'Arduous Clarity'

Taken from Peripeteia, the composer’s debut album for Dais Records.

New York-based ambient producer and composer Rafael Anton Irisarri shifts focus on Peripeteia, his new solo album and his first for Dais Records.

Incorporating components of metal and classical into his modern ambient palette, the composer threads his formative musical influences into his distinctive sound. As Irisarri explains: “My previous works internalize any exterior forces or circumstances, while trying to make sense of the world. Peripeteia reverses that approach, focusing on the personal in order to tell a wider human story.”

This is brilliantly reflected in the video for the album’s first single, ‘Arduous Clarity’, which experiments with shifting focus, rendering the objects portrayed in the clip unrecognizable save for fleeting, minute details.

Peripeteia arrives on May 22 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Rafael Anton Irisarri shifts focus on new track 'Arduous Clarity'


01. ‘I Still Have The Sun To Cast A Light’
02. ‘Between The Negative Voids’
03. ‘Mellified’
04. ‘Arduous Clarity’
05. ‘Refuge/Refuse’
06. ‘Yearn’
07. ‘Fright And Control’
08. ‘Vanishing Points’

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