Video of Gillie Da King explaining why he fired Dev Nasty from Million Dollaz Worth of Game "He Called The Cops"

Gillie Da King who owns the biggest podcast out with his cousin Wallo267 finally broke the silence on why they fired their long time host Dev Nasty. During an Instagram Live video Gillie finally spilled all the beans. Gillie revealed that Dev became greedy once they signed their lucrative with BarStool sports and wanted 15 percent their company! Gillie says he fered Dev $50,000 for only 96 hours worth work for the year. Gillie then reveals that Dev got the cops involved and even tried to sue them in court for 15 percent “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” ownership. Check out Gillies live below where he goes into full detail!

Video Gillie airing out Dev on IG Live:

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THIS IS 40. Celebrating 40yrs being a Good Person and being surrounded by Good People doing Good work. When I say “I appreciate y’all’s support” those ain’t even the fuckin words to really describe that shit. I see it and feel it ALL! I’m blessed. Normally I’d be throwing a big party as I do every year, but this year I have some important work to do. Still might throw something in a couple weeks and I’ll let you all know. Just KNOW, I’m Good, I SEE YOU and I’m Grateful ‘denamuhfucka. We all eventually gon get what we deserve, so I’m Happy KNOWING that. Good work and works are powerful. I’m chillin today. No writing, no shoots, no drawing, no sparring. Everybody be safe and have a great 1. Love y’all.

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