Steve Lacy Delivers An Intimate Performance Of ‘Helmet’ On ‘SNL’

In his second Saturday Night Live performance of the night, Steve Lacy shined as he sang Gemini Rights fan favorite, “Helmet.” Lyrically, the song features Lacy guarding his heart after a break-up, not letting his ex back into his life.

“All that I can be is me and all me / Time to get out, I don’t want you around / All that I can see is you without me / No, I can’t scold you, however,” he sings on the track.

On the bridge, he lets his ex know that their old tricks won’t work anymore, singing, “You were so automatic / so you know I had to have it / But lovin’ you was a hazard / So I got my heart a helmet.”

As he performed, Lacy jammed on his guitar, as purple light radiated around him. Like he did during his performance of “Bad Habit” earlier in the night, Lacy jumped and bounced to the beat, as he sang of a very relatable phenomenon.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Lacy shared that he’s all too familiar with exes trying to get back in his life as soon as they sense he’s doing well.

“I feel like for some reason, [your ex] can energetically feel when you’re done with the album,” he said, “and then they come right back. There was a moment right after I finished, we tried again, and it didn’t work. So I was like, ‘Cool, I’m done. For real, I’m done this time.’ But they be feeling that sh*t.”

Check out the performance of “Helmet” above.