Steve Lacy Doesn’t Think He ‘Owes Anyone An Apology’ For The Camera-Throwing Incident At His Recent Concert

While on his Give You The World Tour promoting his new album Gemini Rights and its hit single “Bad Habit,” the Los Angeles-born singer has run into some bumps in the road. Most recently, during a tour stop in New Orleans, he ended the show early after asking fans to stop throwing things on stage and immediately being hit with a disposable camera. Piqued, he destroyed the camera by throwing it on the ground and walked off the stage, leaving fans disappointed. He addressed the incident today in a post on Instagram.

“my shows been fun as hell!” he insisted. “shoutout to the people not throwing disposable cameras at me and just coming to catch a vibe and connect. had a really good time in nola last night. i hate that the beauty of the connection i have with so many people in the crowd gets lost when something negative happens. i don’t believe i owe anyone an apology. maybe i couldve reacted better? sure. always. i’m a student of life. but i’m a real person with real feelings and real reactions. i’m not a product or a robot. i am human. i will continue to give my all at these shows. please come with respect for urself and others.”

Lacy’s concert crowds have also caught some flak online as attendees’ unfamilliarity with even his biggest hit drew criticism for “TikTok fans” on Twitter. In a few viral videos circulating online, Lacy looks flustered after encouraging the audience to sing along to “Bad Habit” — which recently spent its third week at No.1 on the Hot 100 — and being met with silence from the young concertgoers.