YG And Mozzy’s Thrilling ‘Gangsta’ Video Flexes Their Hood Credentials

YG and Mozzy’s joint album Kommunity Service has arrived and with it, the video for “Gangsta,” the project’s intro and third single. Borrowing the loop from 50 Cent’s 2002 breakout hit “Wanksta,” the two West Coast native flash their hood passes and talk major cash, taunting phony gangbangers and reiterating their own credentials. YG steals the show with a double-time flow on the back half of his verse, showing off a newly polished flow that shows he’s been on the J. Cole rap writing workout plan.

Speaking of stealing things, the video is a tongue-in-cheek affair, as YG and Mozzy recruit a team of lingerie-clad honeypots to infiltrate a mark’s mansion, tying him down and opening the door for YG, Mozzy, and their goons to enjoy an illicit shopping spree at the rich man’s expense. It shouldn’t be funny, but with veteran actor De’Aundre Bonds (aka Stacey from The Wood and Dope and Skully from Snowfall) playing the victim, there’s plenty of humor imparted to the proceeds thanks to his portrayal as more annoyed than frightened.

“Gangsta” was preceded by videos for “Bompton To Oak Park,” which kicked off the rollout for Kommunity Service, and “Perfect Timing” with Blxst, which showed things wouldn’t be all gangbanging on the duo’s collaboration.

Watch YG & Mozzy’s “Gangsta” video above.

Kommunity Service is out now on Empire. Get it here.