Feral shares lysergic visual for new single, 'God's Country'

Taken from his long-awaited debut album, The End.

Earlier this year producer and designer Caleb Halter, aka Feral, returned from a five year hiatus from music with ‘In Flames’, a gloriously cinematic concoction of choppy samples, buzzing distortion and an unexpectedly bluesy coda. The track was the first glimpse of his long-awaited debut album, The End, which sees the artist approaching electronic music with the wide-eyed grandeur of stadium shows experienced as a child. “My earliest memories of mixes weren’t on Radio 1,” he says, “but at Labor Day fireworks displays over the Ohio river synchronized to classic rock, at an arena filled with fog at Monster Jam, or at a laser-light show at Cedar Point looking out across Lake Erie.”

“I wanted to create a mix inspired by that world, a super-set of agony and euphoria, a flickering radio transmission, spinning the dial across genre and time, all held together by an invisible thread.” Halter returns to similar territory with the album’s second single, ‘God’s Country’. Beginning with plucked strings before building to an epic barrage of driving synthesis and shimmering, effects-heavy guitar, the track arrives with a lysergic visual from director and animator Erik Carter, who follows the bizarre progress of a glitched-out cowboy.

Director Erik Carter says of the piece: “‘God’s Country’ follows a cowboy and his horse as they search for their identity in the facade of the American West and end up finding something completely holy and new: themselves.” Feral continues: “such a sweeping and cinematic score deserved nothing less than Erik’s vision and artistry to bring it to life, I’m thrilled to share the first (and possibly last) Feral video with the world.”

‘God’s Country’ is out now and is taken from Feral’s debut album, The End. For more information about Feral and his work you can visit his Bandcamp and check out his design studio, Regrets Only.

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