Young Thug Says He Won $5,000 From Another Rapper Betting That Tekashi 69 Would Snitch

During Young Thug’s recent second appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, the Atlanta trap mad scientist covered a lot of topics, from clearing the air regarding his Jay-Z Verzuz comments to recalling a bet he made with a peer over whether the notorious Tekashi 69 would testify against his former comrades in the Nine Trey Bloods set.

It turns out, it was a pretty safe, “friendly” bet (in Young Thug’s words), as Tekashi did eventually end up testifying for a reduced sentence — a move that benefitted him personally, but left him essentially persona non grata among rap peers who believe he violated street code. Although Thug himself doesn’t subscribe to this belief, he said he simply believes in loyalty and was brought up not to spill his friends’ secrets.

Detailing the bet itself, Thug refused to share who it was with (see above), but still shared enough to back up the story. “I can’t say his name, but I bet another rapper,” he recalled. “I don’t know where he from. I think the West Coast…. bet another rapper that 6ix9ine [would] tell before he told. I’m like, ‘He gon’ tell.’ Me and him bet a friendly $5,000…. I bet $5,000 that he’d tell and he bet $5,000 that nothing is gonna happen to him. I bet $5,000 that something was gonna happen to him, too. I don’t know why I had that belief. I really believed he gon’ think he gangsta, he gon’ try to step out, and somebody gon’ do somethin’. Even if it’s on some humble sh*t.”

Of course, to date, nothing serious has happened to Tekashi, although he’s kept up his trollish antics. Part of that may be due to the pandemic that shut down most public life over the past year and part of it may be due to the security guards he seemingly has around him at all times, but either way, it looks like Thug only gets to collect on half that bet for the time being. Considering he recently claimed to have lost nearly a million dollars in one night in Vegas, maybe he should consider leaving the gambling to the professionals.

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