Ruff Ryders Are Hosting A March To Honor DMX And Support The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act

The unexpected passing of DMX has led to a whole host of projects cropping up in his memory. Not only is his label releasing a guest-packed posthumous album, Exodus, later this month, but his crew the Ruff Ryders have been active about organizing, too. Ruff Ryders to The Rescue organized a march in Houston called Ryde4Lyfe that will honor his memory, as well collaborate with the Philonise and Keeta Floyd Institution, founded by the brother of George Floyd’s brother, to commemorate the life of George Floyd.

Additionally, the event hopes to raise awareness for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act that’s before Congress. If you’re in Houston and able to attend the march, it will start this Saturday, May 22 in McGregor Park at 8 AM CST and finish at the Jack Yates High School.

Check out more information on the march in an Instagram post shared to the Ruff Ryders To The Rescue account:

Here’s the full caption for the post:

Ruff Ryders 2 The Rescue is joining forces with Philonese & Keeta Floyd ‘Institute For Social Change for a game-changing ride event. Come out and support a monumental humanitarian cause! We are asking that everyone reach out to your local congressmen to ensure the vote to pass the “George Floyd Justice In Policing Act” In Congress. Our ride honors George Floyd & The Late Great DMX. For years, X has been the voice of strength, hope, and courage in the streets throughout the black community. Over the past decade, most of the Black culture has suffered behind police brutality without justice. We’ve watched countless viral videos of sisters and brothers senselessly beaten and gunned down by law enforcement. It’s time to end this cycle. We’re striving for the passing of this bill to help end police brutality in our culture and begin to hold law enforcement accountable. The ride out will take place on Saturday May 22nd at 8am CST in Houston and start at 5225 Calhoun Road and end at 3650 Alabama Street. The proceeds of the t-shirt will be donated to our campaign to end police brutality. Gear up, join us, and support a monumental humanitarian cause!

Learn more about the event here.