Audrey Nuna And Saba Get Reflective In The Surreal ‘Top Again’ Video

Korean-American singer Audrey Nuna teams up with Chicago rapper Saba on her newest single, “Top Again.” The video, which released concurrently with the new track, is a surreal affair that finds Nuna subtly commenting on the artifice of the entertainment industry, then wandering through an eerie hospital. Saba makes his appearance inside an ambulance, then roaming the hospital’s halls as he raps a serpentine verse picking up the threads laid down by Audrey’s introspective lyrics.

Nuna, who released her debut album A Liquid Breakfast today, has been an exciting voice in the pop-R&B realm over the past year thanks to singles “Damn Right” and “Comic Sans,” as well as the recently released “Blossom,” on which she displays a gift for rapping as well as singing. As a genre-bending experimentalist, Nuna’s rhymes are often personal but universal, with quirky non-sequiturs that give way to smart observations on the state of things in both her world and the world at large.

Meanwhile, Saba has been slowly poking his head above the surface as fans eagerly await the follow-up to his 2018 star vehicle Care For Me, putting out a vinyl version of the project with VMP and sharing videos for “Ziplock/Rich Don’t Stop” and “Lifetime” with Femdot earlier this year.

Watch Audrey Nuna’s “Top Again” video featuring Saba.

The New Jersey singer’s album, A Liquid Breakfast, is out now on Arista Records. Stream it here.