Cardi B Debates New York’s Best Chopped Cheese With Adorable Child Journalist Jazzy’s World

Watch out, Nardwuar, Jazzy’s World is coming for your spot. The 11-year-old Brooklyn-bred reporter (real name Jazlyn Guerra) has been going viral left and right thanks to adorable and earnest interviews with some of the biggest names in music and sports, including Jay-Z, J. Cole, and Shaq, and it turns out she’s just getting started. Her latest big get is Cardi B, who looks absolutely delighted to be getting interviewed by a kid who is only a few years away from being her own daughter’s age.

In the clip below, the pair share one of the timeless New Yorker debates: Which borough has the best chopped cheese sandwich. Jazzy has one stipulation though: “Before you answer,” she says. “Do not say The Bronx just because you’re from there… Let’s talk facts.” Listen, this kid’s got the right stuff. She’s gonna make it in this biz. “Let my tell you why I’m gonna say The Bronx,” Cardi shoots back. “I go to the studio here in downtown [Manhattan], and every time I leave the studio, it be like three or four o’clock in the morning and when I be hungry… I order a chopped cheese and they just don’t have like how I remember it growing up.” She does admit, however, that she’s never had one from Brooklyn.

Of course, Jazzy thinks her home borough of Brooklyn makes the best chopped cheese, suggesting that the debate will continue forever. Meanwhile, hidden in there is the knowledge that Cardi has been going to the studio and working on her upcoming sophomore album until late (or early), so there must be some progress being made, right? Check out the clip above.

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