Nicki Minaj Is Releasing Clean Versions Of Her Songs ASAP Thanks To A Fan’s Grandparents

Nicki Minaj’s music has been heard billions of times at this point and is widely beloved, but at least a small faction of people faces a dilemma: They like how her music sounds, but the explicit lyrical content makes them hesitate to hit play on it. That’s true of a pair of Minaj’s older fans, who wish they could hear a clean version of “Seeing Green,” Minaj’s new Drake and Lil Wayne collaboration from her newly reissued Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape. Now, Minaj is determined to quickly accommodate with some censored music.

Today, a fan tweeted at Minaj, “hey sister i have really religious grandparents who LOVE your music but don’t like explicit music so can we get the clean version of seeing green?” Minaj responded by declaring that she will drop some clean versions of songs tomorrow, writing, “The fact that I didn’t realize no clean versions were uploaded. Smh. The cleans will b out tmrw guys. My bad on that. Give ur grandparents a hug for me babe.” She also tagged her label, Republic Records, in the tweet, presumably to prompt them to get the ball rolling on adding the clean songs to streaming services.

Based on Minaj’s tweet, it’s not clear if just the new songs from the Beam Me Up Scotty reissue will be getting clean versions, or if Minaj’s promise will apply to other songs from her catalog as well. Either way, tomorrow should be a good day for Minaj fans who prefer their music curse-free.