Take A Well-Deserved Break By Watching Tracy Morgan Sing ‘With Or Without You’ In An Airport

It’s been kind of a stressful summer, hasn’t it? The Supreme Court went on a tear a few weeks ago. Mass shootings keep happening, with no end in sight. Homophobia and transphobia are getting worse. There’s that Joe Manchin creep, doing more bad stuff. You know what you need right now? Tracy Morgan singing “With or Without You” in an airport.

The performer was caught in an airport in Omaha Saturday, sitting among the throngs, waiting on a plane. Unlike everyone else, he was belting out a rendition of “With or Without You,” the classic U2 song off their album The Joshua Tree. He wasn’t performing for the crowds. He was just a regular dude sitting in a seat, singing like he didn’t care who was around him. It’s a good song, too. Good for him entertaining people in an Omaha airport and, thanks to the video taken of him, all of us.

Morgan himself could use a break, too. Back in March, he broke down in tears during a stint on Conan O’Brien’s podcast while recalling the difficulty of doing his first stand-up set after suffering through a car accident thanks to a Walmart truck. He’s got a lot of pain. We all do. Again, stuff is bad, man. So take a little self-care break and listen to the guy sing some U2.